Kylah Monae

AGE: 18

Who is Kylah Monaee

Hello, my name is Kylah Monaee Foxx. I was born October 8, 1997 in Memphis, TN.  . Even though I grew up close to family my voice wasn’t heard. At the age of 6, I started singing in the bathroom, in the car, and anywhere. This was strange behavior to my parents because; I am the oldest of four siblings and the quietest one out of the group. During this quiet time I used my thoughts to create songs. Paper became my best friend and the things I wrote helped me to speak out about how I felt. The school music department along with the choir was very instrumental in developing me. I was a featured soloist at my fifth grade graduation and felt great after that performance.  At the age of 12, I found my true voice. Then two years later I went to a new school. I felt it would be hard for me to make new friends so I used my singing to help. I entered a talent show that built more confidence in me.  Afterwards, I met a few girls who wanted to sing with me so I created a singing group called KAJA. The acronym  stands for the initials in each group member’s name which means pure. We all had unique authentic voices with a different story to tell about how we became the people we are today.  We were determined to get our voices heard we sung at talent shows, churches , in front of stores, and anywhere we thought an ear would be waiting to hear a great song. After the school year ended, we had a chance to go into a studio and record our first CD as a group. Currently the group is on a hiatus and I feel that I am not sharing my talent. At this time I still want to find other avenues to get my music out to the world whether,  by group, soloist, or in songwriting.